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It all started shortly after giving birth to my son in 2018. I had already been working  in the sustainable development field for nearly 10 years, but becoming a mother permanently magnified my feelings on the subject. I started reading a lot about climate change and it slowly became more and more difficult for me to deal with my emotions. I had a permanent feeling of frustration and uncertainty. I also had many questions on my mind: Is it too selfish to have a baby? Where should I focus my energy at work ? How can I be at peace with my limited impact? How can I prepare my son for the world in 2050? How can I prevent climate change from becoming toxic to my relationships? 

…After several months, and talking to friends of mine who were going through similar experiences, I decided to change my mindset. I needed to stop trying to change the whole world, and start trying to find positive impacts at my scale. I decided to take action (no matter how small). 

This is where I got the idea of butterfly moves =) I sent 1 eco-friendly gesture per week in a whatsapp group that I created with family and friends. The idea was to focus on the little things that can make a difference. And It turns out that this helped me feel better. Not the fact of sending messages every week, but seeing that those reading them were actually making positive changes!

Note to my son (in case you are reading this when you are older): know that I am trying my best to make the world a better place 💚


Even though I am a scientist and my sister is in the field, my knowledge of sustainable development was very limited. When Ale started having increasing anxiety around climate change, I myself became more interested and started researching. We had long conversations on the current situation and the consequences in our future, which made me feel powerless and anxious. This is when she started the Whatsapp thread, giving us ideas about what we can do to decrease our environmental impact. I became more aware of small things I could do or change. Slowly, I started modifying my habits and lifestyle, motivated by seeing Ale feeling more positive. I have changed the way I relate to the world and therefore myself … I now find ways to get immersed in nature more often, I started a garden and grow my own vegetables, I installed solar panels on my roof and even got an indoor worm farm! Haha

It basically changed my life, and other friends and family also made moves towards decreasing their carbon footprint. I knew the power this could have, so I told Ale that we should share it with the world… because in the end we are all connected!

To make it more positive and fun I decided to illustrate each move with a butterfly cartoon and we are finally ready to start sharing them with you.


Valentina and Alejandra

Valentina and Alejandra

Hoyos Vélez

Sisters working on the butterfly moves project

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