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Butterfly Moves

Why the name "butterfly moves"?

The term Butterfly Effect comes from the concept of a tornado being influenced by tiny perturbations such as the movement of a distant butterfly’s wings.

Sounds crazy, right? How can such a tiny creature influence such a powerful force of nature? Well, it’s actually more common than you think! Throughout history, changes in human behavior have had huge consequences on our planet and our lives.

However, now we have all the facts. For the first time we can see clearly what is happening around us, and fortunately we are also more connected than ever before. We know that the climate is changing, that the glaciers are melting, that there is waste everywhere and our planet’s biodiversity might not recover. We know there has to be a drastic change NOW. Because of this, most of us feel powerless. Hopeless.

This is why we would like to share with you ways in which you can decrease your environmental footprint. From little to big eco-friendly gestures, which we call “butterfly moves”.

And if you feel overwhelmed about climate change, just remember :

If a butterfly can influence a tornado, why can’t you influence the world?

Let’s turn this into a “butterfly movement” by joining together in each of our efforts!

Stay tuned and prepare yourself for change… butterfly moves are coming your way soon…

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